I'm looking for our next 20 dream clients who are ready for a drastic physical transformation. Over the past 5 years, I have watched, observed and helped many of our members break free from the hamster wheel. They finally dropped the weight, bought new clothes, made their friends jealous and changed their lives once and for all. Now it's your turn!

So...without further adue, 5 years worth of work, research, late nights with coffee….I'm happy to show you

This program is designed for the person who wants to drop LBS, has struggled with all the other programs, can never  drop lbs or specifically if you have a hard time sticking to eating good ( like Lisa👇)

And Chris

But…. The real value in this program is it will forever change the way you eat, lose fat, and maintain it! NO MORE YO-YO, ALL OR NOTHING DIETING

We will sell this program for $299... BUT since you made it to this page so quickly, you get it for...

1 Easy Payment of…

FREE...when you join with a friend

you get to SAVE big AND drop 10 lbs!

Orientations Start May 30thth & Challenge Starts June 8th

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


So What Do You Get:

​✅​ Virtual training sessions 1x/week that focus on you and getting you to burn as much fat as you physically can!

✅ One on One Nutrition Orientation so that you get a program tailored to what YOU want.

✅​ New Super Simple Meal Plan with sweets🧁🍪so that you can eat a cookie with no guilt

​✅ New Recipes, Cook Book, & Smoothie Guide🥤📖🍲because you need food that will actually taste good and still get you into "those" jeans.

​✅ Accountability that will feel like your best friend, waiting for you at the gym so you show up, smacking bad food out of your hand, texting you in the am "your worth it"!

✅​ Ability to literally just have the perfect meals show up to your house.🍱🚛🏘so that you don’t even have to think, cook, clean, shop….just eat

​✅ Amazing Results💪👙

Because we are doing Orientations One on One there is only so many spots available and it is first come first serve so apply asap!

Super excited to bring this program to the Berks County!!

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